Team Colours Fun Day

In term 2 our Club held our annual Team Colours Fun Day. The Fun Day is an in-house competition open to all gymnasts in our club which gives gymnasts an opportunity to show their families and friends what they have been working on at gymnastics. The Fun Day is also a fundraiser for the new building which we hope to have open for the start of 2020.

For our competitive gymnasts, the Fun Day is held as a practice competition for their competitive season. Their routines are judged as the Fun Day is also a team selection for the first competition of the season.

Gymnasts are put into teams according to colour and get to dress up and cheer for their team. Every team has one of our senior gymnasts or Youth Development member as a team leader, this is an opportunity for them to take on a leadership role as they are looked up to by the younger gymnasts, and it gives them a chance to display their leadership qualities.

Every team gets a ribbon, and a certificate for participating as well as ribbons for placings. There are also special awards given out by the judges, and team awards for the best cheering and the most colour in their team. Overall the day is about having fun and encouraging children to get out and be active, and inspiring them by seeing how far they can go with the sport.

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