Program Information

Kindergym Program

Kindergym is an early learning program based on explorative play. It has many benefits allowing to optimise brain development and increase physical potential. This program involves the active participation of a parent or guardian and is available to children aged 2-4 years.

Fundamentals Program

This class is an ideal entry level program with a focus on the fundamentals of gymnastics, teaching children basic gymnastics elements on all apparatus to lay the foundations for more advanced movements as they progress through the levels.

Club Levels Program

The club levels program is our in-house levels program consisting of 12 levels containing skills included in the current National levels program. This program recognises that not every child will be a competitive gymnast, but allows children to progress through a program that acknowledges and rewards their achievements. Gymnasts in this class participate in skill level testing at the end of each term to determine what skills they have achieved to move through the levels. It is expected that each level will take one to two terms to complete. At the end of testing gymnasts receive a ribbon and certificate. This program also allows coaches to move gymnasts excelling in these classes into our competitive program.

Development Program

Our development program is a young up and coming talent program. Gymnasts in these classes show strong potential and physical ability. They will learn to master the fundamentals of gymnastics to lay the foundations for more advanced movements as they progress. Gymnasts in these classes will typically go on to our competitive program. Participants in these classes complete a series of physical ability testing at the end of each term. We currently have two development classes the ‘Aeries’ development class and the ‘Dream lights class’. The Aeries class hosts younger gymnasts and follows the National level 3 program, while the Dream lights age group is slightly older and are working National level 3-5 skills. Entry into these classes are by coaching recommendation and gymnasts physical ability depending on age.

The dream lights development class currently have two State development team members. There is opportunity for gymnasts in these classes to qualify for this team at the end of each year from a series of physical strength and flexibility testing.

Pre-team Program

Our pre-team program is an advanced class for gymnasts showing potential to be competitive gymnasts. This program follows the National level 3 curriculum, which is the first level of competitive gymnastics in our club. Gymnasts excelling in this class have the opportunity to compete with our level 3 team based on athlete skill development and coaches recommendation.

Teenage Girls/Gym Skills Program

This program is ideal for gymnasts that previously participated in competitive gymnastics and want to return to the sport on a recreational basis, or older girls wishing to commence gymnastics to develop their skill set from basic to more advanced.

Boys Program

Our boys program consists of two classes, a recreational class and a development class. The boys recreational program is an ideal entry level program aimed at younger boys. Children learn basic fundamentals of gymnastics building their skill set for more advanced movements as they progress through the sport. The boys development program is more advanced and aimed at older boys. In this class gymnasts will build on the foundations already developed to perform more advanced movements.

Devonport gymnastics club have a long successful history in men’s gymnastics and have produced Tasmanian and Australian representatives. While we don’t currently run a boys competitive program, we are hoping to re-introduce our MAG program in the near future.

WAG Competitive Program

Our WAG (womens’ artistic gymnastics) Competitive Program follows the Australian Levels Program (ALP) with gymnasts competing in National level 3-10. Gymnasts in this program compete in competitions statewide through out the year. Devonport Gymnastics Club have also had many gymnasts represent Tasmania on the State Team. Opportunities to qualify for the Tasmanian State team are eligible for gymnasts competing in National Level 8-10 at the Senior State Championships.

Class Placement

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