Trans Bass Challenge 2019

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Recently level 6 gymnast, Allie Hardimon was selected to represent the State at the 2019 Trans Bass Challenge in Geelong. Allie represented Tasmania to the best of her ability, and gained some new friends as well as some experience from competing inter state. Her coaches are very proud of all that she has achieved.

Allie has shared with us her experience:

“On the 31st of October I woke up at 5:30 am to get ready to travel to Melbourne. I was feeling very excited, but also nervous about meeting the other gymnasts as I had only seen them at competitions; I was worried that we wouldn’t become friends. We met up with my coach Leanne at Latrobe and travelled with her to Launceston where we met north/west level 7 gymnast Zoe, and Emma our Tasmanian judge. We boarded our plane at 8:40am and few to Melbourne where we met our head coach Alyssa, and my two other teammates in level 6, Abbey and Hannah. The girls were really friendly, and we talked a lot, but I think I talked the most.

We then drove to our hotel and we all got ready for our training session with gymnasts from Victoria, South Australia and the ACT, led by a special coach, (National talent development coach) Regan Molyneaux. We practiced Vault first and I was very nervous as it isn’t my best apparatus. My favourite part about the training session was making my giants better and getting corrections on them by my coaches Leanne, Alyssa and Regan. At the end of the training session we all got a group photo with Regan.

After the training session was over, we headed back to our hotel. Luckily there was a pool because it was very hot in Geelong. We all got into our bathers and had a cooling swim.

The next day we all woke up pretty late and had a relaxing morning, but the anticipation and nerves grew as the day went on. We went for a swim before we had to get ready for the competition. Then at around 3pm we started preparing our hair, bags and gifts for the competition ahead of us. As we got our leotard and tracksuit on the excitement and nerves started to kick in and everything started to feel real.

When we arrived at the venue, I got even more nervous, but I was still overwhelmed with excitement. We went into the stadium and walked through to the back where the athletes prepare. We said hello to some of the other teams before warm-up started. Once I was on the floor my nerves calmed down and I was ready to compete.

Once we finished our warm-up, we had to go to the marshalling area and lined up in height order. Tasmania led the march with me leading the team. Standing in the competition floor, I felt quite intimidated with hundreds of people in the crowd watching us. Everyone in the stadium rose to the Australian flag while the National anthem played throughout the arena. We were introduced to the audience before moving to our first apparatus.

Our first event was vault and I was up first. I was very nervous at first, but I felt great about my vaults I performed. On each apparatus at the competition, a gymnast was chosen to do an encore routine. Hannah was chosen to do the encore for vault. Our next event was bars which I was quite excited for because bars is my favourite apparatus. When we competed on bars, I felt happy about my routine and I felt I did a good job. Abby was the person chosen to do the bar encore. Then we had beam which I felt I did good on, but I could have done better but I was still happy with my performance. I was chosen to do the encore on beam which I was really nervous for, but I think I did very well. After I finished my encore we had floor which was our last apparatus. I did my floor routine which I was really excited to perform. I believe I did really well and I was very proud of the routine I performed. Abby did the encore on floor and did an amazing job.

Over-all I had an amazing competition, and everyone did really well. After presentations we gave our presents to each state. South Australia gave us a slinky and a badge and from Victoria we got a drink bottle.

Hannah and Abby won a place overall on beam they came sixth, and on floor Abby also placed sixth. All around our team came fourth. We all had an amazing competition, I’m very proud of myself and my teammates, and we all had an amazing time.

I would like to say thank you to both of our coaches Leanne and Alyssa for giving up their time and taking us to Melbourne.”

2019 Extravaganza

On Saturday November 23rd, our Club held our annual ‘Extravaganza’ show case. This year is very special as our club celebrates its 70th birthday. To commemorate 70 years of Devonport Gymnastics Club, we invited clubs from all over the state to participate in our 2019 Extravaganza. The day featured performances from Burnie Zodiacs gymnastics club, Wynyard gymnastics club, and Hobart PCYC gymnastics club.

Zodiacs gymnastics club
Hobart PCYC gymnastics club

Our annual display day is a chance for every gymnast to show their families and friends what they’ve been working on throughout the year at gymnastics. Each class learns a routine during their lesson to perform on the day, show casing the new skills they have achieved this year.

Wynyard gymnastics club

The Extravaganza also features some of our competitive and more advanced classes. This is an opportunity to show everyone in our club how far you can go in the sport and what you can achieve. For our younger gymnasts and also their families, this can be very inspiring and motivate them to be the best that they can be.

We would like to give a huge thank you to all our staff and committee for their hard work and to all the volunteers, without these people this event would not be possible. We would also like to say a big thank you to the clubs and their families who traveled from around the state to celebrate our 70th birthday.

This year has been a very exciting time in our club, celebrating 70 years of our club and also 70 years of Gymnastics in Australia. As this year comes to a close, the completion of the new building draws nearer. 2020 is going to be a big year for Devonport Gymnastics Club and everyone involved, we look forward to the journey and continuing the clubs legacy.

Junior State Championships 2019

The 2019 Junior State Championships was recently held over the 7th and 8th of September in Kingston. It is one of the biggest competitions in the State, featuring the most upcoming gymnasts from level 3-6. It is both an individual and a team competition. Junior State championships is also a trial for gymnasts in level 6 and 7 to make the Trans Bass State Team representing Tasmania in Melbourne later in the year.

Our club had a very successful two days of competition, with achievements in both the individual and team competition, and also accomplishing some personal bests. All gymnasts were presented beautifully and represented their club with pride. Everyone should be very proud of their performances over the weekend and congratulations for finishing the junior competition season on a high note.

On day one of competition, gymnasts in level 5 and 6 opened the State championships with some amazing performances over all four events. Both our level 5 and 6 teams finished in fourth place in the team competition; they also received some individual placings. In level 5 in the 10 and under age division, Taylar Johnson won State Champion on Vault, and finished fifth over-all. Holly Sutcliffe was fifth on Vault, sixth on Bars, third on Beam, and sixth over-all. Isabel Walton also received fifth place on Beam.

In the level 6 competition Shauna Mason placed third on Vault in the 12 and over age division, Teah Williams finished sixth on Bars, with Mia Smith placing fourth. Allie Hardimon placed third on Bars, third on Beam, fifth on Floor, and finished fourth all-around.

Day two of Competition was the biggest day over the two days. There were 3 sessions of level 3 and 4 gymnasts competing against the best in the State. In the level 3 competition earning individual placings we had; Alannah Brimfield who finished fifth on Vault in the 7 years and under age division. In the 9 and under age division which was a very competitive field, Zavannah Brownrigg won State Champion on Bars and finished fifth on Vault. Emily Beard placed fourth on Bars, and third on Vault. Hayley Evans who competed in the 10-year-old age division placed third on Vault, Second on Beam, and finished fifth over-all. Shanae Jones also received a placing on Beam finishing in fourth place.

In the level 4 competition one of our teams finished in fourth place, there were also some individual achievements. Aimee Duguid competed in the toughest division over the two days and placed third on Vault, fifth on Bars, she won State Champion on Floor, and placed second all-around. Aimee was also runner up State Champion across all level 4 age groups which is a huge achievement.

In the 10-year-old age division Hollie Diprose placed fourth on Bars, third on Beam, fifth on Floor, and finished third over-all.

In the 11-year-old age division Bronte Weeding Placed third on Vault, she won State Champion on Floor, and placed fourth over-all. Paige Smith also received fourth place on Floor.

State Championships was the final Tasmanian competition of the year, everyone should be very proud of all they have achieved this year so far, and for those that competed for the first time well done on completing your first competitive season. The girls will be back in the gym inspired to work hard and achieve their new skills for the next competition season.

In two weeks time our level 6 team will be heading off to the Gold Coast to compete in the National Clubs Carnival, which is the biggest National levels competition in Australia featuring gymnasts from all states competing in level 6-10. Our team consists of; Allie Hardimon, Georgia Perry, Mia Smith, Shauna Mason, Teah Williams, and Taylar Johnson. We wish these girls the best of luck in their preparation for the competition.

Tasmanian State Clubs Championship

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The Tasmanian State Clubs Championship was recently held over the weekend in Launceston. The competition is a two day event with gymnasts competing in level 3 to level 6, from clubs in the North and South of the state. Our gymnasts had a very successful competition, showing lots of improvements throughout the day.

On day one of competition we had two teams of level 3 gymnasts in division C, with one team placing fifth over-all and the other team placing third over-all, and In division B our level 3 team placed second over-all. Our team of level 5 gymnasts also competed on day one, placing fifth over-all in division A which was a very tough competition.

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On the second day of competition our level 4 teams and our level 6 team competed. Our level 4 team in division C had an amazing day of competition placing first over-all, and our other team placing fifth over-all in division A. Our level 6 team competed in the last session of the day and placed second over-all in division A which was a very tight competition.

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We saw some amazing performances throughout the two days of competition, with a lot of personal bests achieved. The girls will be back in to training mode in the lead up to State Championships just two weeks away.

Team Colours Fun Day

In term 2 our Club held our annual Team Colours Fun Day. The Fun Day is an in-house competition open to all gymnasts in our club which gives gymnasts an opportunity to show their families and friends what they have been working on at gymnastics. The Fun Day is also a fundraiser for the new building which we hope to have open for the start of 2020.

For our competitive gymnasts, the Fun Day is held as a practice competition for their competitive season. Their routines are judged as the Fun Day is also a team selection for the first competition of the season.

Gymnasts are put into teams according to colour and get to dress up and cheer for their team. Every team has one of our senior gymnasts or Youth Development member as a team leader, this is an opportunity for them to take on a leadership role as they are looked up to by the younger gymnasts, and it gives them a chance to display their leadership qualities.

Every team gets a ribbon, and a certificate for participating as well as ribbons for placings. There are also special awards given out by the judges, and team awards for the best cheering and the most colour in their team. Overall the day is about having fun and encouraging children to get out and be active, and inspiring them by seeing how far they can go with the sport.

Junior Team Spirit Competition 2019

Team Spirit

Sunday August 4th was the first competition of the year for the junior competitive season, held in Launceston. Our teams had a very successful day of competition competing against clubs from the North-West of the State. We had 2 teams of level 3 gymnasts competing for the first time. One of our teams had a particularly successful day of competition placing third overall.

We also had 2 teams in level 4, and one team in level 5 and 6. Our level 4 teams were strong competitors through-out the day with one of our teams taking out first overall, and some gymnasts grading level 4. Our level 5 team had a very successful day of competition also taking out first place against teams from Burnie and Launceston. Our level 6 team got to show-off their new optional beam and floor routines, and compete some new skills they have been working on through-out the year. They took out the level 6 team competition winning first overall.

Our teams had an exceptional start to their competitive season and all gymnasts and coaches should be very proud of their performances over the weekend. The girls will be back in the gym training for State Club Championships in two weeks time held at Launceston PCYC against the North and South teams.


Devonport Gymnasts attend competition in Queensland

On Friday 2nd of November six of our most promising gymnasts boarded a plane and headed to Queensland to compete in a competition at Moroochydore (home of ex Devonport Gymnast and coach Nyssa Hamer).

The girls had a training session on Saturday to get used to the Queensland heat, however that didn’t prepare us for how hot it was going to be the next day.

Competition was in the Midday heat on Sunday, the girls started on vault and performed beautifully, they managed to handle the heat and all girls placed on at least one apparatus. Congratulations to Georgia who was 1st on Bars, Beam and Vault and 2nd overall in the Level 5 open division and Mia who was 5th overall in this division.

On Monday we all went to Australia Zoo. The girls had a fantastic time away and made lots wonderful of memories.

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