Upcoming Events

2019 Extravaganza

In November of 2019 our annual display ‘Extravaganza’ will be held. This year is a special year as our club commemorates 70 years of gymnastics excellence, and the move in to our new facility draws closer. The event will be held on Saturday the 23rd of November, and for the first time ever, will feature performances from clubs from around the state including, Hobart PCYC, Wynyard gymnastics, and Zodiacs gymnastics club.

The Extravaganza is a showcase for all gymnasts in our club to perform to an audience of friends and family. Every class will learn a routine throughout the year to perform on the day. You will see routines from our Kinder gym class to our Senior girls class, and a canteen will be running with profits going towards equipment for the new building.

It is a very exciting time to be a part of club, and we hope to see you there to celebrate 70 years of Devonport Gymnastics Club.

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