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DGC provides recreational (non-competitive) & competitive programs for children aged 18 months – adult. We are aware that all gymnasts learn at his/her own pace, and as such there is no set time frame that a gymnast should be in one level.

Some or all of these classes may be offered each year.

Wrigglers Pre-school gym 2-4 Years
Wrigglers pre-school gym is for children aged 2 years – 4 years; is an early learning program based on explorative ‘play’. Children will have the opportunity to jump, climb, hang, twist, turn and roll using a variety of bright, safe gymnastics equipment. Wrigglers instructors are enthusiastic and encouraging, who will teach children fundamental gymnastics shapes and skills. This program is ideal for parents wanting to accelerate or develop their child’s fine and gross motor skills in a fun and safe environment.
** Parental involvement required.

Fundamental Gymnastics
These classes focus on a fundamental Gymnastics program, teaching children basic gymnastic elements on all apparatus to lay the foundations for more advanced movements in the higher levels. This is the perfect entry point for beginners.

Club Levels Program
The Club Levels Program has 12 levels; each level in this program contains skills included in the current National Levels program.
This program recognises that not all gymnasts will be competitive gymnasts, but allows these athletes to progress through a program that recognises and rewards their achievements. It also allows coaches to easily move gymnasts from this program to our competitive programs (level 3 and above).
It is anticipated that each level will take approximately one or two terms to complete.
Testing will be carried out in normal class time during the school terms.
Gymnasts will be awarded a “Club Levels” ribbon for each full level they achieve and a check sheet of skills they have learned.

Teenage Girls / Gym skills
These classes allow older girls not wishing to compete, or who may be just commencing gymnastics, or returning to the sport on a recreational basis to develop their gymnastics skills from the basic to more complex.


Boys Classes We currently have one boys’ class which is recreational and one development class. We have a long and successful history in men’s gymnastics and have produced Tasmanian and Australian representatives, we are hoping to re-introduce our competitive boys program in 2018.
How Does My Child Move Between the Developmental and Competitive Programs?

Developmental programs
The aim of the Developmental programs (pre-levels, club levels and development classes) is to enable gymnasts to progress to our competitive programme. In the Developmental programs there are level requirements, and a list of supplementary skills that gymnasts will need to perform. The supplementary skills are directly linked to future skills. Gymnasts will work on drills and progressions for up to 2 levels above the level that they are currently working. This gives the gymnasts time to learn elements slowly, insuring all the correct techniques have been mastered.

Competitive programs National Levels Program level 3-10
Participants in our Competitive Program have progressed through the Developmental programs and will compete at National levels 3 – 10. They will have the opportunity to compete at statewide competitions throughout the year. Those in National Level 8 (& above) will have the opportunity to trial for the State team that competes at the Annual Australian National Championships.

How do gymnasts progress through the levels?
Once a gymnast has ‘mastered’ a level (that is be able to complete all the skills at a high standard) stated in the National Level requirements manual, their coach will make a recommendation to the Coaching Coordinator that they progress to the next level. The Coaching Coordinator will then complete a ‘readiness-assessment’ and then make the final decision. The ‘readiness-assessment’ may be based on training history or competition results. Please note – there is no set time-limit that a child may spend at each level; a child can spend anywhere from 12 months or more at a level. A child must attend a grading competition to be officially progressed to the next level.

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